Exercise 4.5

Make a Google Images search for ‘landscape’, ‘portrait’; or any ordinary subject such as ‘apple’ or ‘sunset’.  Add a screen grab of a representative page to your learning log and note down the similarities you find between the images. Now take a number of your own photographs of the same subject, paying special attention to the ‘Creativity’ criteria at the end of Part One.  You might like to make the subject appear ‘incidental’.  Add a final image to your learning log, together with a selection of preparatory shots. In your notes describe how your photograph differs from your Google Images source images of the same subject.

I decided to select ‘sunset’ and put that into the Google Image search and got a screen shot of what this search came up with.

Sunset, Google Image Search

What is interesting is that the common theme is the vibrant colours that the sunset produces and the focus being on the sun setting into the horizon.  Some of these images give me a feel that they are somewhere tropical and several have palm trees in the image but really they do not really give me a sense of place, more a sense of beautiful colours captured at sunset.

With the above screen grab of sunsets, the focus was on the source, the sun and the colours that surround it as it sets which is very beautiful.  However, I decided to focus the sunset shot on what light it produces in its environment and how that light can make wonderful reflections, shapes and patterns.  Below is my final image to represent my sunset in how I see it, beautiful light reflecting.

Light reflections

Below are my preparatory shots for my sunset images.

I really like this image too (above) and it was one I was considering as my final image.

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